With my nutrition consultation I would like to support the feeding of your dog or cat based on their individual requirements and in consideration of potential existing diseases. The procedure is based on four steps:

Step 1: Detailed case history

By filling in the anamnesis form you will provide me with the most important information regarding your dog or cat. You can either use the electronic form, which can be send directly from this website, or you can print the pdf version and send it to me by mail.

Step 2: Consultation

After receiving the anamnesis form, I will contact you by phone within 2-3 working days for a detailed consultation.

If you wish to have a personal consultation in my office, please mark this on the anamnesis form. I am looking forward to meeting you and your dog or cat.

Step 3: Written nutritional recommendations

Based on the information from the detailed case history and our personal communication, I will calculate appropriate new daily rations for your dog or cat or validate and adjust the present daily rations. You will receive my detailed recommendation via E-Mail or by mail.

Step 4: Follow-up interview

After you have received my recommendations I will be available to further discuss the feeding schedule and answer any questions.

Anamnesis form

With this anamnesis form you can directly start the nutrition consultation for your dog or cat. The questionnaire helps to collect some important information regarding your pet and it will serve as a basis for the consultation.

pdf download of the anamnesis form

    * indicates mandatory fields
    Personal data

    for the anamnesis consultation call or the arrangement of an appointment, respectively
    Animal information

    for animals which are under- or overweight or still in growth, respectively

    Which type of consultation do you wish to receive?

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